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Physics undergrad to grad for either EE or Physics

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    Hey all. So I think I want to go back to school after taking some time off. One option I am thinking about is to get a masters in electrical engineering. Although I've technically only ever taken one class in EE, in which I aced every test, through physics I've become pretty adept at both analog and digital electronics related to control systems, i.e. servos. What are the chances of someone who has an undergrad in physics to get into a good masters program for EE?

    The other option is to go into physics for a PhD. The only thing I'm concerned about here is feeling disgruntled after a few years. I love research and I love physics, so I know I would love physics grad to start, but I've just met so many people that are ready to pull their hair out by the time they are about to leave. I don't want to be pulling my hair out and be miserable a few years down the road. I've been looking at schools that are ranked in the top 40, and I know I would want to do something with photonics, optics, AMO, or something of the sort. All the programs I've looked are really vague about admissions criteria. I did 3.5 years of AMO research as an undergrad, and am now doing research with robotics, so I've definitely got the research experience. I had a 3.8 in physics, though 3.65 overall GPA. Are these schools attainable for me?
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