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Physics versus Engineering

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    I am posting this with the knowedge that I probably won't have internet acess for 2 weeks, however I still would like to get some response. Since I can remember my dream was to be an inventer. I loved the idea of edison's work shop, and hoped to modify it to create a company similar to sharper image. However over the last year I have been becomming increasingly into physics, specifically the quest for toe. I have to apply for colleges next year during the fall and am starting to get worried. Do I go for a college that is good in engineering say U of M (4th ranked nationally) or should I go to a college that is mainly physics say Yale or something. I guess I could solve the dimlema by getting into MIT, but its never good to rely on something. Any suggestions, should I do physics or engineering?

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    Notice that the greatest physicist of the middle 20th century, Richard Feynman, went to MIT. If you go to a TOUGH engineering school, and explain your dilemma to your advisors, you should be able to do the first two undergraduate years without making a complete choice. If your other temptation had been math you couldn't do that; calculus for math majors is a different subject from calculus for engineers and physicists.
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