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Physics video lectures

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    If some pre-med students want to study Physics by watching university-level video lectures on Physics-1 (Classical Mechanics) and Physics-2 (Electricity & Magnetism), what site would you suggest to them? (They already know of Walter Lewin, Ramamurti Shankar and Khan Academy). Can you suggest any other good universities with video lectures for physics?
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    You can try with Stanford video lectures. You can find these lectures on youtube, write Leonard Susskind (the professor) lecture number "n" . You'll find lectures on classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, cosmology and so on...:smile:
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    At that level you wont be able to find anything better. If you already watched those lectures you should just do problems from a textbook.Watching any more lectures wont help you much.
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    Thanks. I see many lectures by Leonard Susskind. What do you mean by lecture number "n" - can't find those - do you have a link?
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