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Other Physics vs. Engineering - Need Help Making a Decision

  1. Sep 11, 2017 #21
    If you read the previous replies, I think we have found out that engineering just isn't really for me. I already plan on doing a PhD.
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    So it's either materials or applied physics.
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    From what you have said, I think physics would suit you best. I also believe physics is extremely interesting and amazing, because it is so engaging to learn more and more, deeper and deeper about our world, just beautiful. To master physics, however, you must be highly confident with math, because it is extremely useful with physics. One of my favourite quotes that I made up is:
    "There is no science without math, there is no math without science."
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    Yeah basically. I was thinking applied physics. I did more research in engineering physics, and while similar to applied physics, they don't have similar coursework as some other may think. So right now it is either down to a PhD in Physics or a PhD in Applied Physics. Right now I am sill leaning towards just a PhD in physics.
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    I would agree with your response!
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