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Physics vs. Math

  1. Mar 25, 2005 #1
    I am a sophomore undergradaute looking ahead to grad school. My main goal is to end up in a good grad program for math. I have the following options:

    1) earn a BA, masters in math simultaneously
    2) double major: BA math, BA physics
    3) single major: BA math

    Here's the problem. (1) seems like it would make me appealing to graduate schools, but it is too restricitive. It requires me to take math courses only from now on. I am also interested in physics, and I want to at the very least take a few more courses in it. So this seems to indicate that I should abandon (1). However, physics is probably not in my long term future, so maybe I should give up on physics and stick with (1).
    There is also a trade-off between (2) and (3) in the sense that not pursuing the major in physics will allow me to take some physics classes that interest me, while allowing me to take some extra math classes.

    My question is, how do these options weigh out, given that I wish to go to graduate school for math?
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    I can definitely relate! I want to end up teaching math (either high school or university) and don't know if I should look into physics as well. But from what I've gathered it seems like physics is more of an applied mathematics than anything else - like computer science and engineering. While it's a plus to take courses in those areas I don't think you have to go as far as a degree in them.

    However, if you're good at math then physics is not so hard (though I've yet to see a college with good physics professors =\).

    So play it safe and major in calligraphy :tongue2:
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    tell me about it.

    im pretty decent in math, but the professors (im at UNLV) made it to where i hated physics and i havent learned a thing. i know VERY BASIC physics principles and that is about it.
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