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Physics Vs Statistics

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    In my country, there is no system of credit transfer. The only collage that teaches Physics is one of the University Known as "Tribhuwan University". The same university also has program of M.Sc. Statistics. I'm doing job for pocket money and for study. My job and study both begin at the same time, That is my main problem.
    Let's come to the topic, I've completed my B.Sc in Physics and Statistics. In Our country B.Sc. has only 3 years of study. Due to less seat and high competition in Physics, i am unable to join M.Sc. I'm interested in Physics but I'm also quite good in statistics. Now I've joined Statistics after I loss my 2 year waiting for physics to join. Though, I join the collage, I'm not much frequent due to my job. Next year, the Physics seat are going to increase but In our country study physics not open any door to research unless i go to foreign country. i can only teach in some collage or high Schools.
    Statistics is also quite good and have much scope (I think, my be i'm wrong). I can go other country to study any of the subject but due to their 4 yrs of Bachelor Degree, It gets some difficulty in joining them.

    What should I learn, Physics or Statistics? Which one is better for me? Should I continue study statistics and try to go abroad for further study and research purpose or change my subject (i.e. Physics)?

    I hope you will help me
    Thank You

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    stats is vey good
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    surely physics has more practical merit in your future
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