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Physics w/calculus study books?

  1. May 30, 2011 #1
    I'm heading back to school and I never finished the second semester of physics w/ calculus, which was a few years ago. Lets just say I'm taking a lighter course load to make sure I have time to study. Any suggested books with possible sample problems anyone can recommend? I've seen a lot of online resources on this forum which I will be looking at as well, but sometimes nothing beats sitting in a library with a couple of books. Thanks.
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    There's a intro physics book by Young and Freedman that tends to be the standard for intro University physics. It's just called 'University Physics', that should be enough. It's a massive 'tome' though so I hope you don't mind heavy books.
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    Whatever book you choose, you can use it with Walter Lewis' videos.

    http://academicearth.org/universities/mit/subject:25 [Broken]
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