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Physics w/ Space Exploration

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    This post is intended for individuals who are currently at the college level, or surpassed the college level and hold an interest in space travel. I represent the USAA (U.S. Aeronautical and Aviation Association.) More information available on the group at our website: http://usaa.mattsitservice.com [Broken]. This isn’t an ad, just trying to find some people in the science community who might be interested in what we are determined to accomplish. Many areas of expertise are related to space travel, and this one happens to fall under that category.

    Some information taken directly from the site that can give you a better idea of what exactly we are trying to accomplish:

    As an organization our primary intentions are to conduct missions of various types. We engineer, simulate, and create computerized versions of projects related to space travel. With future plans to take our research, projects, and work to a higher level by achieving funds through various methods to conduct these computerized projects in the “real environment”.
    The Future of USAA
    Composed of mostly scholars, and various types of people who have a strong interest in a specific field that can be tied with space travel. It could be computer programming, 3D modeling, or just the ambition of landing a man on Mars. A lot of us will be working hard, and dedicating a great amount of time into this organization through out our college careers. After completing our studies at colleges and universities we plan to take it to the next and final stage of development. The final stage: to do the “real thing”. Commercial Space Travel is no longer a fantasy, and we plan on jumping in ahead of the rest.
    Feel free to shoot off an email directly to me, mnowacze@hotmail.com with any questions you may have. Right now we are just trying to find the right people, and get to know one another, create an “agenda” for the year of accomplishments we would like to reach, establish a working guideline…etc In essence, we are looking for founding members.

    Please let me know what you think. Ideas to improve site...etc Thanks!
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    i think its a great idea. The greatest thing we need to do is land on mars so that we can find out if there is remnance of even bacterial life on the surface. If we go there we need to most likely launch from space or the moon so that we are able to do it cheaper than before due to not having to use immense amount of fuel to escape earths gravity. Before i go on could i know how you already intend to do this like funding and stuff ill check your site later if you want to send me something my email is Bencognito@Gmail.com thankyou for your time
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