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Physics? Where to be to study Right?(Help!)

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    Physics?? Where to be to study Right!?(Help!)

    Hello, I am a student attending two-year community college in California. Nest quarter I am going to transfer to four-year institution but I can't decide which school will be the best choice. So here I ask you to advise me.

    I am planning on majoring in Physics and have ambition to minor Math. Since my ultimate goal is to go prestigious physics graduate program, my prior concern is to find a school which will give me the most chance of going to good graduate school. Tell me, please, only if you know well, what are the things will be expected of me when I apply for graduate prorgram in physics? Is the reputation of the undergraduate institution really important?

    Please, I need a very specific information on this.
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    I too was a student attending a two-year community college in California. My best advice would begin with the letters UC. You can't really go wrong with any UC campus you choose if you decide to stay local within California. As far as graduate school goes, I would just pick a campus I like for my undergrad, and then worry about performing well there, instead of picking a place solely for prestige. Graduate schools will care more about your performance, as well as any research work you will be doing in your later undergrad years, rather than the name of the school.
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    Thank you for your advice and Good luck on your studying!
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