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Physics with Algebra Online

  1. Feb 17, 2016 #1


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    Hi PF!

    I have a twin brother in the military who is trying to take physics with algebra online (for military purposes he is unable to commute to a University). I thought this course would be easy to find since nearly every school offers calculus online. I haven't been able to find any schools that are widely accredited (for example, University of Phoenix online is not accepted at most Universities evidently).

    Does anyone here know of a US university or CC that offers this?

    Thanks so much!

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  3. Feb 18, 2016 #2


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    Have you checked Khan's Academy courses?


    and for math


    or are you looking for credit courses like Coursera?



    or MIT online courses (not sure about credit)?



    With respect the Univ of Phoenix and Coursera , are for-profit schools.


    Recently, there's a controversy growing over for-profit schools and veterans using the GI bill to pay for a substandard education.
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    A physics course will include a lab, and the lab requires lots of expensive and specialized equipment. That's why my school, and presumably others, has never tried to offer a purely online physics course.

    @jedishrfu : The OP was asking specifically about courses from accredited schools, so I don't think Khan Academy, etc., are going to work.
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    I agree that the biggest problem is the need for the lab portion of the course.
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    Thanks, yeah, I saw that in his post and asked about it in my response.

    I figured that maybe they were looking for anything to study though.
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    Thank you all for a response. He does need a credited course since he is planning to attend a sonography program after he is out of the military, and one of the prerequisites to admission is a basic physics course.

    Thanks again for the responses!
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