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Physics with Math minor

  1. Jan 5, 2015 #1
    Should I take abstract algebra. I was going to double major but I don't want to be at school for more than four years or pay for extra classes. Therefore, I decided minor in mathematics instead. I registered for abstract algebra before I decided to just minor in mathematics. I have a hard time registering for classes since the physics department hired a new adviser which is why I haven't gotten out of it yet. So, should I stay in the class? Will it be helpful for a physics major?
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    Yes its used in physics:


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    I also took abstract algebra as a physics major, and group theory is useful in some upper-level courses. However, if possible, I believe there are other courses that are more relevant such as discrete mathematics, differential equations, and real analysis.
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    I know, but Abstract Algebra is the only math class I could get into. My school is so small that most math and physics courses only have one section each. I've been looking for reasons to stay in Abstract Algebra. I think I found a book that might help me. It's entitled "Group Theory and Quantum Mechanics" and was written by Michael Tinkham. Based on the reviews, it's very helpful for understanding the relationship behind abstract algebra and quantum mechanics.
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