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Homework Help: Physicsal of pulley

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    Two blocks are connect by a lght string which passes over a light pulley as shown in the figure. They are released from rest. Block A distance of 1.2m in 1.6 s
    1. what is the gain in the kinetic energy of the two blocks?

    2.What is the loss in potenial energy of the two blocks?

    3.Explain why the two values in parts (1) and (2) differ.
    A is 4 kg
    B is 6 kg

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    After finding the initial kinetic energy and the energy due to falling you should be able to find the speed at which it hits the planet.

    Was this too much info?

    Use kinematic equations to find the acceleration with the additional info "1.2m in 1.6 s." Use the acceleration and the time to find the final velocity. From the velocity you can find the kinetic energy.

    You know how far block A has moved up and you know how for block b has moved down. Find the change in potential energy.
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