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PhysicsForum IRC Chat Session

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    If anyone is interested in an IRC chat, I've set up a temporary server.

    /join #physicsforums

    XChat is an open source irc client for windows, OSX and Linux.

    It can be found here:


    [edit] The Chatroom is now CLOSED. It will resume on Monday at 4 pm
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    Come on in and join, current topic is "Where are the Chicks?"

    Er, now chroot changed it to "I are the ruler"

    Lots of direction changes, cant keep up...
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    But don't take over the channel and piss off dduardo. He doesn't seem to like that too much.

    - Warren
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    XChat? No IRSSI?
  6. Feb 2, 2004 #5

    It’s great what you’ve done guys, but server isn’t always on line, and the time when it’s online it’s available only for people from you time zone (others are sleeping, in school or working)… So I’ve created 24/7 available #physicsforums channel on this server:


    /j #physicsforums

    So now it’ll be always on line and available in accessible time for people all around the world … It’ll be great if dduardo could login some time now so I could give you OP.
    Don’t get me wrong I’m not for shutting down dduardo’s server I just think this one/like would be great to have too…

  7. Feb 7, 2004 #6
    Meeting time

    Being dispersed all around the world all we connect in different time, so it’s rare to see larger number of people at the same time on the cannel.

    So it would be good if we define some meeting times!
    I’ll propose one for Europe, let it be in 21:00 hours by Greenwich mean time (GMT).

    It would be good if you come up with time for America (east, west coast, this time zone ,that time zone - so I’ll leave that to you :)).

    Of course people can log in any time they want, I just think that we can make peaks this way, and have better conversation.
    Suggestion would bee good.

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