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Physicsforums has changed drastically

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    when i see at israeli forums, people who link to physicsforums (and also to the articles webpage) for help in maths, science and so on it makes me feel kind of nostalgic when i first registered here (i think it was in 2001), although in the past year i was absent from here i feel that this forum will keep running at least until greg (who is still the adminstrator,right?) finds himself with another project.

    anyway, from an amatuer help forum to become a forum with experts on almost every scientific topic is achievement that should be reckoned with.

    :surprised :smile:
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    Welcome back!

    Yep, along with chroot.

    Greg seems to keep just adding more projects to his plate without dropping any. I don't know much about his other projects, but he has shown a lot of dedication to this one which grew from very humble beginnings.

    Long live PF.
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    Awesome! I know it's crazy! Sometimes I'll look back using archive.org and it's truely incredible how far we've come in such little time. Welcome back!

    Haha, trust me I have many many other projects in the mix. PF is held together by the incredible staff we have. These days I'm more like an honorary figure :smile:
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    Yeah, Greg is our constitutional monarch. We let him wear a crown every now and then.

    <runs and hides>

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