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  1. Sep 14, 2004 #1
    from the little time i've spent here over the past few months, i am very happy with what i've seen.

    there are some super neat people.
    the mentors act effectively and with purpose.
    the quality of posts are extremely high.
    the way people help each other out is terrific.

    all this is very different from other forums i've been on where people seem to be more interested in bickering than making the place better.

    so i am contemplating addiction here and naturally becoming a contributor.

    there are many things to know about this excellent place like

    all the little symbols appearing beside threads
    the different associated extensions to other forums
    what a supermentor is
    what a warning is
    what a journal is - i apparently have one i see
    what is the significance of the kaku forum
    etc etc

    is there any kind of an overview or tour of this place?
    a newbie's guide?
    some document that will outline all the neat things to find and do?

    in friendship,
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    Blue folder - no new replies.
    Yellow folder with letter sticking out - new replies.
    Red folder with letter sticking out - many new replies.
    A white superimposed arrow on any of the above means you have participated in the thread.
    We have none. We do work with two newsgroups, sci.physics.research and sci.physics.strings. We currently host the forums for mkaku.org, but that may be changing soon.
    A person who has mentor privileges in every subforum, not just a few.
    A mechanism by which the staff can alert people when their behavior is inappropriate. The member receives a private message explaining the problem, and receives points. If the member receives more than 15 points, they are banned automatically for 21 days. (This system really only applies to spammers and other people who choose to ignore our site guidelines.)
    A place where each member can post his or her thoughts, like a public diary.
    We agreed to host the kaku forums a while back. They don't get much traffic these days, and Kaku himself never shows his face, unfortunately.

    - Warren
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    ask and ye shall receive or what!
    thanks warren!

    in friendship,
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