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Pi bonds for hybridizations

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    pi bonds for hybridizations, yes/no questions

    im having a bit if trouble with this but i need to know the number of pi bonds for the sp^3, sp^2 and sp hybridizations

    thanks if you can help ^^

    i have another question as well,there are some questions and they have yes or no answers but i'm not sure what im doing:

    1. can an electron in the n=4 state in the hydrogen atom go to the n=2 state by emmiting electromagnetic radiation ar the appropriate frequency?

    2. are the frequency and wavelength of electromagnetic radiation inversely proportional to each other?

    3. is the energy of an atom increased when electromagnetic radiation is emmited from it?

    4. can an excited atom be returned to its ground state by absorbing electromagnetic radiation?

    5. does the energy of electromagnetic radiation increase as its frequency increases?

    thanks again
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    These are theoretical questions.I'm sure a better view on the subject would be aquired by reading the textbook more carefully...

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    I completely agree. We can not do your work for you, Yura.
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