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Pi Code

  1. Jul 22, 2005 #1
    almost everyone has heard of the Bible code. what about the pi code?
    predicting the future with the Pi code!

    infinite digits means all possible combinations, right?

    if you get bored one day, you can predict the future.
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    great find :grumpy:
    How did you find that link?
  4. Jul 22, 2005 #3
    wow I found one..well I should say my typeing monkey did
    the first letter D
    24th letter U
    49th letter M
    35th letter B
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    ok I half to say I'm sorry, my young employee is NOT, i repeat NOT a monkey.
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    You may be interested in Jorge Luis Borges' Library of Babel. Daniel Dennet takes the idea elsewhere in Darwin's Dangerous Idea. I always found it interesting.
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    Shouldn't it start out...


    If D=3, B=1, E=4, F=5, etc? Or did I approach it incorrectly? It obviously isn't 3.3...
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    Have you converted the decimal expansion to one in base 26 ?
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    Ah, thats where they got it.. I somehow skipped the "Here are the first 100 digits of pi expressed in this way" when I first read through it *smacks head*


    edit: Base 26 or no, still just letters to me.
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