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Piano synthesis in Matlab Please HELP!

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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to write this thread, but I have a question about attempting to synthesize a piano in MATLAB. I am very new to MATLAB and DSP in general and my project is trying to create a piano sound using whatever means (FM synthesis, additive synthesis, etc... whatever is simplest). My program asks the user for a note number (1-88) and should produce the tone with a piano timbre. Right now, I have a signal that is build on the fundamental plus 24 partials with an ADSR envelope for the entire signal. Here is some of the sample code:

    srate = 44100;

    ff = 27.5*2^((noteNumber-1)/12);

    t = (0:1/srate:2);

    for i = 1:25
    y = y + amp(i)*cos(2*pi*ff*i*t);

    The sound I am producing is more like that of a kazoo. I know that I need to add the percussive strike of the hammer on the piano strings and some inharmonicities as well but do not know how to go about that? Any help/code would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much
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