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Pic of Atomic Energy Commission and my Father

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    The pic, taken sometime in the 1950's shows my father handing members of the Atomic Energy Comission resistors. Standing next to my father is Dale Electronics founder George Risk.

    In the 50's the Atomic Energy Commission handled everything atomic, including bombs. My oldest brother remembers this pic being in the Columbus,Nebraska newpaper. This was a photo-opportunity for Dale Electronics

    This pic was found in the Dale Electronics archives, my father was their original vice president back in the 1950's, before starting his own business. My father passed away in 1982.

    Dale is one of the world largest resistor manufacturers, one of my brothers still works for them.

    A blast from the past for sure!

    Atomic Energy Comission Link:


    Vishay/Dale Electronics Link:


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    Very cool picture!
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