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Pic robot

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    can someone advise me please, i want to build a PIC controled
    robot that can be programed via my pc,i have a maximum of
    $200 to spend, i have looked at loads of adds on the web
    but get confused, im no stranger to printed circuits so self
    assembly would be no problem, the robot maybe a walker?
    could i get everything i need for $200?
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    PIC's are a great way to get into embedded control. You can control all sorts of stuff, with very little circuit effort. Start with a PIC16F84, read the data sheet from Microchip.

    You can start off programming with PIC assembler, but I advice moving to 'C'. CCS have a basic C compiler, and HI_TECH provide a more comprehensive compiler. I would aviod using the Basic Stamp and other basic derivatives if you are trying to learn about the PIC and real world embedded programming. Otherwise the basic stamp will give you ease of programming for your robot.

    Check out http://www.parallax.com/html_pages/robotics/shop/robo_comparison.asp [Broken]
    for some ready made robots that you can buy off the shelf.

    If you are really interested in amateur robotics, check out the micromouse competitions (put IEE and micromouse into google.) These require a small robot to traverse a maze, map it, and derive a solution to navigate to the center. I am currently building a micromouse as a hobby. I can give you more pointers if you are interested.

    If you are going to build your own circuit, you will need a method of programming your PIC. I advise the 16F84, or if you have a higher processing power requirement and more pins, check out the PIC18F452.

    Cheap programmers can be bought, but for serious beginners I recommend the PIC Start Plus from Microchip. You can now buy direct from Microchip Online, www.microchip.com,[/URL] and hit buy. I know they sell direct to US and UK. For other countries, just try it.
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    cider_drinker, thanks for your advice, i do intend to
    get into PICs for robotics by building my own i will
    start from a kit using the the web sites you have provided.
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