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PIC uc latency time

  1. Dec 19, 2005 #1


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    http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/6018/msi7cv.jpg [Broken]

    this graph shows a latency time diagram when an inturept request occure in a micro controller ..
    i was just wondering why doesnt the micro controller in the third machine cycle call the address "0004h" directly ?
    whats the use of this cycle ? ... still the micro controller can flush inst (PC+1) ,, while fetching 0004h in the next cycle ? :/
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    Couple of possible reasons. First, many CPUs have a pipelines instruction. The instruction at PC + 1 is probably already decoded and execution may be difficult to stop and more effective to just let it complete. Second, the cpu may have to save some data before allowing the thread of excution to jump to another thread, such at status flags.

    To better answer he question would require significant knowledge of that particular processor.
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    well the second is not possibel , because saving the registers is done through the intrupt, and the first one .. yea it do pipelining (: , but it is already shown in the figer .. and if pc+1 is a calling function .. there will be extra latency (not shown in the figure) ..

    anyway it is not a big deal (: , thanks
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