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Picaxe 08m2

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    SO I ordered the axe026 serial preograming cord to use with my picaxe 08m2.
    To plug it into the usb I am useing a usb to serial converter. But it's not working at all! I know my program is right but do I need a special driver? I downloaded the driver for the 026 AND 027, neither are working

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    Why are you using a USB-Serial converter? Can you just use straight USB connectivity?
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    Well i can't plug a female serial cord into a female usb jack if that's what you mean.
    which I dont think it is so please elaborate.
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    Ah, I see now. Your laptop has USB ports but no DB-9 serial port, right? I've had similar issues trying to convert from USB to serial, and I think it depends on the quality of the converter unit. Do you know anybody else who has been able to get this to work? You could try borrowing their converter to be sure the rest of your setup is working. (And then maybe buy whatever brand of converter they are using)
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    I live in a Hic town. I am the only one who does this for miles, so I am completely alone here. But the whole adaptor
    method should be working? I even read on a data sheet or somthing that this can be done. You have done it?
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    I use serial to USB converters daily, right now there are 2 connected to this computer. It is dependent upon the converter. I thought that they had worked out the issues, I know that 4 or 5 years ago it was a real crap shoot if you could communicate or not.

    Some other things to check, make sure that you have your serial parameters right, that is baud rate and bit structure, check the documentation for your device. If you do not have the baud rate right the best you will get is garbage the worst nothing . Good luck
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    its got a little better in recent years, but its still a little bit of a guessing game
    some will work well for some applications and not for others and visa versa
    I still regularly see on other electronics forums people moaning about these problems
    and the best you can do is spend a few $$ and try several different brands till you find one that works

    a comment from another forum.....

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