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Schools Picking a university

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    So, I'm in grade 12, my average in school is 96, I am top of the honor role (as in highest mark in my school) and scored about 2100 on my SAT so i expect to get into most if not all of the uni's i applied to (maybe not yale). In fact, i received a letter of acceptance from penn state and purdue about a week after my final marks for my first semester were sent in but not gonna hear back from the other uni's till march. so i applied to engineering at the following universities:
    - carnegie mellon
    - cornell
    - penn state
    - purdue
    - illinois urbana
    - ann arbor Michigan
    - Yale
    thing is I'm kinda torn between... well all of them and would appreciate any advice on which to pick and if anyone has any experience with the quality of education at any of the schools listed.
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    oooh... just occurred to me that this should probably be in the education section... sorry :P
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    ok it was moved, good
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