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Picking on relativity?

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    picking on relativity!?

    Has anyone seen these? on youtube search, "einstein's idiots." From what i understand this guy is challenging mostly mathematics, but he (in some of his other videos, ive only watched two or so...) also goes on to say that both quantum mechanics, relativity and string theory are wrong on top of which he presents ideas that he believes better explain how gravity works. honestly i feel like if he was as right as he thinks, i would have heard this stuff before but on the other hand he makes some really interesting points in "einsteins idiots #12". really i just wanted someone(s) to explain to me rather this is just propaganda or something worth being interested in.

    thanks in advance, corey
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    Re: picking on relativity!?

    My advice would be, first study the "standard" approaches until you understand what they say, then consider this guys videos. He asks interesting quetions, but...

    One way I measure you tube videos is by looking at who makes the comments. One of these that I just looked at has 120 comments, but casually scrolling thru, I see that the author makes most of them himself. Telling, that
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    Re: picking on relativity!?

    Yeah, there is quite a few people like that. I only know very basic sophmore special relativity, but I always thought these "kooks" should be treated better than they are. I have the feeling that a lot of physicists are platonists who think mathematical models are nature, and I do not trust the increasingly arcane use of mathematics in things that seem more like an excersize of mathematical elegance than science. Differential equations make a lot of sense because they are inherently intuitive, but 11 dimensional manifolds.....I dont think that accounts for reality. Perhaps I am wrong though.
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