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Pictures from Warsaw

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    To buy postcards I had to visit Old City in Warsaw. We went there (with my better half) last Saturday. We took cameras with us. Stupid feeling, to behave like a tourist in your own city :smile:

    Castle Square with Zygmunt's Column. That's the view you will find everywhere, in every book about Warsaw. Column was erected in 1644. To the right - barely visible - Royal Castle.

    Corner of the Old Town Market Place. Can't say I like city pictures with newlyweds, I always find these artificial and arranged, just to show that city is young blah blah blah... But it was Saturday, there are many churches around and the most popular place in Warsaw to get married - Old Town Wedding Palace. They were everywhere and we have them on at least two pictures.*

    While this is Old City, new parts of the city hang over it.*

    So so view.

    City walls.

    To the left - Vistula River, not visible on the picture. Old City lies on the river bank, in some places about twice as step as here.

    Same river bank. This is Mostowa Street - most means bridge. Yes, there was a bridge here, built around 1570. First in Warsaw. It didn't lasted long.*

    Following pictures are - technically - not from Old City, but from New City. New City lies outside city walls and was built somewhere between 14th and 15th century.

    Towers of St. Hyacinth's Church.

    Kościelna Street and tower of St. Mary's Church - built 1409-1411, one of the oldest in Warsaw.

    Freta Street and view on the Church of the Holy Spirit.

    St. Kazimierz Church on the New City Market Square.*

    Droshky (dorożka). One of several. Mainly for tourists.*

    Souvenir stalls don't differ much from any other place in the world... Drink Coca Cola.*

    One final remark. While it is called Old City, it is slightly older than 50 years :frown: After Warsaw Uprising capitulation Hitler ordered to wipe Warsaw from the Earth surface. That's what was left in 1945:
    So everything on these pictures have been rebuilt or built from scratch in early fifties.

    1 hour to select and prepare pictures, 1.5 hour to edit a single message. I think I may need some treatment.

    *Taken by Marzena.
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    Lovely place. You'd never know the buildings were so young by looking at them.
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    Do you mean they already look as if they were going to fall, or do you mean the reconstruction was succesfull?

    Egad, in both cases you are more or less right.
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    If you told me they were from 1800s I would take you at your word.

    Most of america looks like this:

    http://www.peterpaulsplumbing.com/nss-folder/pictures/Strip%20Mall-Gilmer%20Rd.JPG [Broken]

    Strip malls everywhere............

    Unless your in a major city, the architecture is garbage and the city planning sporadic. I hate suburbs.
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    Great pictures Borek! I would love to go there someday.
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    Thanks for sharing Borek. Very nice.
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    Great pics, Borek. One thing that jumps out immediately is the lack of people. Pictures taken in almost any area of London on a Saturday would be packed full of people. It looks lovely and peaceful there!
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    Wonderful pictures - very charming. Thanks Borek and Marzena!

    You're right, Cyrus. No thought at all is given to architecture in the US. Look at Warsaw's old town - the architecture say, "Come on in, look around a bit, find a nice cafe or pub and relax!" Now look at the very typical picture you posted - it says, "Move along people, nothing to see here."
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    Wonderful pictures, Borek! I love the European cities on the continent.

    The pictures from Warsaw remind me of Salzburg, Austria, and parts of Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and other historic cities.
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    Yikes, to compare what happened to Warsaw to German and Austrian cities? You forget who destroyed Warsaw.
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    Very nice Borek. Been in Warsaw way back when, but didn't get a chance to see the old city.
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    I don't think Astro was referring to just the final picture Evo, just the overall style of buildings. :smile:

    Very pretty place though.
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    Thank you, very nice to take a short trip to a old and facinating city.
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    I was reflecting on and commenting with respect to the buildings, the colors, the high-pitched tile roofs, and cobble stone and brick lined streets. The top 3 pictures look like images I've seen in a number of northern and eastern European cities. I like to old charm as opposed to modern asphalt and concrete.

    WWII was a period about which I studied quite extensively in my teenage and university years. It's one of the reasons I oppose war.


    Another very cool city is Budapest - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budapest
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    Pictures like these are why I wish I lived in europe. Take more.

    Its part of the reason why I like DC so much. The buildings are 100 years old, the momuments are old. Its not a cookie cutter suburb town with strip malls all over the place.....
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    So pretty you make me cry! :cry: (In the good way of course!)
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    Those photos bring back wonderful memories of my visit there! I have pictures somewhere of my choir in front of Zygmunt's Column. That was our daily meeting place to start the day's activities for the half of our trip we were in Warsaw.

    Parking seems more orderly than when I visited. :biggrin: I remember cars parked anywhere and everywhere. No place on the street? Park on the sidewalk! The cars look bigger too. Except maybe that yellow one in the picture of Mostowa St.
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    Thank you all :smile:

    Mostly on New City pictures, Old City Market Place was crowded. Mid October is not a high season in Warsaw and we were rather early in the day, that helped. In July or August you can't move. But I prefer it quiet.

    Good point to start - both easy to locate and not far from many important places in Warsaw. But bussines center is somewhere else.

    A little bit more orderly... perhaps. These pictures don't tell whole story. You can't drive nor park in the Old City area, there are restrictions in New City as well, although inhabitants have some privileges. That's why there are no cars on most of the pictures. And at the moment cars in Warsaw are 95% not different from any other European city. This little yellow one - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_126 - is a cult car here - almost everyone had one at some point. My first was green, second was red :smile: But that's much longer story about peculiarities of socialist economy :rofl:
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    I was just going to comment that it looked so new, they did a good job rebuilding the city in a characteristic style. When they re-build Rotterdam the spirit of the city got lost, which really is a pity.
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    There were many discussions about rebuilding. General idea was to rebuild the Old City so that it looked not as exactly before the war, but in the 18th century shape, at the peak of its prosperity. As you may imagine it stirred many controversies, as there were not enough information to do it reliably.

    Generally speaking many things done after the war to the city (Warsaw per se, not just the Old City) were not dictated by logic or needs, but by socialist propaganda. Many buildings that were in relatively good shape, but they were owned or built by known entrepreneurs and bussinesmen, were destroyed, as Warsaw has to be a proletariat city, without traces of capitalism/bourgeoisie. As they say - what Hitler didn't have time to destroy during war was destroyed after war by communists. That's exaggeration, but to some extent that's true.
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