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Stargazing Pictures of Comet Lulin

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    Can someone take some pictures of Comet Lulin, I will not be able to make it up-North in time ( that’s where my telescope and camera are).
    I have been reading about it and see it has an anti tail. I never even heard of an anti tail, In some of the pictures I have seen on-line it seems to have chunks or turbulence in its normal tail also.
    Hopefully it will put on a good show, I think closest approach is on 2/24/09.

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    Re: Astrophotography

    Here you go! Mike Brous is shooting through the muggy light-polluted skies of Louisiana and managed to capture not only an ion-tail disconnect, but a very prominent pointy anti-tail. If you are interested in astrophotography, I highly recommend that you sign up there as a forum member. One of the world's premier image-processors (Noel Carbone) will send you (via email) a very comprehensive set of astrophotography actions for Adobe image-processing software for free if you are a member of ODS. He and his imaging-partner Greg in England have captured lots of APODs and have a coffee-table book in the works that will knock your socks off. You'd swear that they have commandeered a major observatory.

    http://forum.ourdarkskies.com/index.php?showtopic=23259&hl= [Broken]
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