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Pictures of reality?

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    I just had a thought what would a picture that did not use words that most people would say represents consiousness look like? Also I was wondering if every concept could be drawn in a way that most people would agree with what its describing? What do you think the drawing for conciousness would be? How about for mind? Or something like energy?
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    I would think that any picture could represent consciousness in some way...primarily based on the assumption that you'd have to be consciousness to have a picture.
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    I would say drawing, painting and sculpting. I would say writing is the best "picture" of the human mind, but excluding writing I think any idea that originates in the human mind and is expressed in an art form is the best picture and expression of the mind. I think a problem is that all these methods require some level of skill, either learned or innate, that would allow for a perfectly clear picture of the thoughts in the mind.

    If a person can not paint or draw well, they may not be able to create a picture that truly represents what they see in their minds eye. If they have a limited vocabulary they may not be able to write down the exact idea that their mind contains. These are probably the limitations of the arts. We can not always fully express ourselves and pass perfect understanding to one another.
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