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Piece of Ag is placed in 1.0M NiCl2

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    When a piece of Ag is placed in 1.0M NiCl2, how are the concentrations of each affected?
    from a legitimate source, it states that no change occurs. Why is that?

    What happens to the pH of an anode and cathode of an electrochemical cell if the cathode is in an acidic solution?
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    Have you heard of the electrochemical series, or of standard reduction potentials ? Study this first (find it in your text or google it).
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    in addition to what Gokul said,

    In considering any situation with a particular set of reagents you need to figure out all possible half reactions, and figure whether any spontaenous reactions will occur based on analyzing the standard reduction potentials.

    also try researching upon the topic of electrolysis of water.
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