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Piece-wise continuous functions on the close interval

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    Let D[a,b] be the set of piece-wise continuous functions on the close interval [a,b]. Show that D[a,b] is a subspace of the vector space P[a,b] of all functions defined on the interval [a,b].

    Can someone get me started? Do I just need to show that they are closed under addition and subtraction? If so, how do I show that? Thanks.
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    Don't forget to show that the zero function is piecewise continuous. Just go over the definitions of a vector space and piecewise continuous function.
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    How do I make up and write out two piecewise functions and do operations on them?
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    matt grime

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    Let f and g be piecewise and continuous (write out the definition, soemthing like, for f there is a partition of [a,b] into finitely many subintervals of nonero length such that f is continuous on each, same for g) then check that f+g sastisfies this definition (which may requiire you to think for a second to porduce the subintervals). i assume you're happy that the sum of continuous functions is continuous.
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    learn the definition of piecewise continuous carefully as it is subtle. (are the smaller intervals open or closed or either?) then subdivide.
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