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Piezoelectric 5V Output

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    Wondering if anyone has any knowledge on electricity generation from piezoelectrics. I am a senior in high school with electromagnetic physics and basic mechanical engineering classes completed, but I am no electrical engineer, so simplicity is key.

    I am looking to design a shoe that generates a 5v output from the harvest and amplification of a piezoelectric actuator/generator. I am really trying to push for the full 5v in order to charge the common cellphone, tablet, iPod, ect...

    I can't afford thousands of dollars in materials, but I understand these things get pricey. Any products or information that could help with attaining these specifications would be amazing, but my background in circuit boards and electrical engineering work is very minimal so as simplistic as explanations can be in the subject field would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for any information you can offer!

    Cullen Johnson
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    I really like this site when it comes to PIEZO SENSORS (GENERATORS).

    e.g. This might help.

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    I suspect that, even if you achieve a 5V output, the available current is going to so little that it wont be useful for charging anything

    @dlgoff --- I didn't see anything specifically mentioning current on that site, unfortunately ... would be nice to know what could be expected :smile:

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    Well, they sell a PIEZOELECTRIC ENERGY HARVESTING KIT with this spec:

    Closed Circuit Current per sinusoidal cycle, at rated deflection. ± 57 (microApeak/Hz)
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