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Piezoelectric generation

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    what is the maximum of electrism we can get from piezoelectric materials? can you give me some examples, or are there any tables, showing for each gram of piezoelectric material, applied a force of 1N, we get 1 ampere constant(?) current or something?

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    Piezoelectric solids give a low-current voltage pulse as they are deforming. I don't know of any tables.
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    The Wikipedia article on piezoelectricity has discussions. The reference links in the article point to places where you might find the data you seek.
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    This is a typical small 'energy harvesting' device operational parameters.
    http://www.mide.com/pdfs/Volture_Datasheet_001.pdf [Broken]

    Expect to see currents in the 50-100uA range with realistic loads.
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