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Piggot type generator, Magnets

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    I'm back in school after decades away and taking alternative energy .. just because it was interesting.
    In the wind power class we talked about Hugh Piggot and the home brew HAWTs he makes and teaches. That gave me the bug to see if I can do it. I'm pretty sure I can buy a used turbine on EBay for cheaper, but that's not the point.

    My question for the brains here is:
    Will a N52 set of magnets generate enough extra to offset the costs vs a N50 or less.
    It seems like a 50 x 20x 3 N52 runs around 10 bucks a piece but the same size N35s are around a dollar. I was tempted to get 24 of each and see the difference but $240 seems like a more expensive hobby question then I want to play with.

    Also he recommends the 50mm magnets and the coils are wound to match. If I go with a smaller magnet with the same coil will it work at all or wind the coils smaller will it not generate at all?
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    jim hardy

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    your question is about the magnetic properties of your proposed magnets
    a link to their datasheets would be the first step toward an answer.

    That said, the "how to " article you linked is best one i've seen.
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