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Pigmee darts

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    Pygmies use blow-guns and 15 gram (0.015 kg) darts dipped in the poison curare to immobilize and kill monkeys that live in the tree-top canopy of their forest home. Assume a pygmy at ground level blows a dark at 85 degrees (relative to the horizontal) at a monkey that is 35 vertical meters up. Assuming a dart must be moving at 4m/s to effectively pierce a monkey skin, what is the minimum velocity the dart must be moving as it leaves the blow-gun if it is to pierce the monkey?

    now I know that Ill have to use delta KE to find the minimum velocity but Im not quite sure what to do with the vertical height and the degrees
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    I moved this post to a new thread ; don't hijack threads of other posters for your own homework problems ; start a new thread.

    Also, provide some work on it before we help...
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    In problems like this, what can you say about the relationship between KE and PE?
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