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News Pilgrims Without Permits

  1. Feb 3, 2004 #1
    The Jerusalem Post article PILGRIMS WITHOUT PERMITS reveals a troubling trend in Israeli affairs.
    The 1967 Israeli Law for the Protection of the Holy Places states that Israel guarantees FREEDOM OF ACCESS to every holy site, yet Israel daily permits militant Muslims to occupy the Temple Mount and practice religious discrimination against faithful Jews and Christian-Zionist by denying them their religious rights!

    Israel deported me in 1996 for highlighting this PLIGHT OF THE TEMPLE MOUNT and calling for an end to this travesty of justice. The Bible proclaims the Temple Mount is to host a royal House of Prayer for ALL Nations, and men and women of goodwill pray that such will soon be the case.

    How can Israel profess to guarantee freedom of access to religious sites when I'm proof that they fail to do so?

    Presently Israel refuses to even let me into the HOLY LAND for testifying to these truths before a world court, even though I've been to Israel twelve times and have served as a volunteer on eight kibbutzim throughout the Promised Land (getting to know it up close and personal). This deplorable situation must change, and with God's help and people of courage and conviction it shall!
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    jimmy p

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    Well its obvious that the Israeli government are scared of the Muslims otherwise they would do something about the muslims on their holy mount. If they accepted aid from the American government then they would be safe, but no, Israel is content with making enemies.

    It's their own fault and i dont know why you preach about a doomed country. The Jews are the most persecuted nation, yet they are too arrogant to accept the aid when it is offered. And then they whine because no-one is helping them. Frankly the world is pissed off with them crying wolf. Obviously they arent all as devout as you David if they are happy to allow muslims onto the sacred mount. I dont see why preaching to us is going to help.
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    Actually I think Israel is more afraid of hypocritical world opinion and American aid being cut off than those hostile Arab nations they've defeated time and again. Israel would be safe if they trusted in God and then flexed their military muscle to inflict such a devastating blow to Arab opposition they could DICTATE a proper peace.

    Arrogant? Rejecting WHAT aid against their foes? America continually calls upon Isreal to "exercise restraint." WHY? If President Bush were serious about waging a war against terrorism he should ENCOURAGE Israel: "Have at 'em!" And Israel could and should make quick work of their sworn enemies! But Israel is to blame and at fault for bowing before Bush or their German-Jesuit EU masters when God has already given them the command and the Word and they've rejected it for a number of wrong reasons and suffer the consequences that folks like me take them to task for!

    Israelis are about as religious Jews as Americans are religious Christians, basically in name only. However, there are a chosen few, the exception to the rule, who throughout history have made all the difference in the world, leading the way and the others eventually follow. Israel has such great men of faith as Gershon Salomon, chairman of the Temple Mount Faithful, and others, who know and believe in all that Israel can become when they remember the sole reason and transcendent purpose for the Jewish homeland is to serve as a haven to worship Israel's God without fear of persecution or death. God - through Moses - commanded the Egyptian superpower to LET MY PEOPLE GO...not just for freedom's sake, like Israelis act like, but THAT THEY MIGHT SERVE ME.

    Israel must have an individual and national change of heart and be restored to their biblical roots and responsibilities or they'll suffer fascist EU OCCUPATION and Jerusalem will be trampled by German jackboots. This is not preaching to you, this is telling it like it is, the plain truth as a witness and warning to the Israelis (although Anglo-Israelites will suffer the same fate when we're betrayed by our deceitful allies). God help them, God help us, to wake up and do the RIGHT THING!
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    jimmy p

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    Why would Israel be afraid? They would have the biggest super-power behind them. Anyway, since when have Israel had time to reflect on their actions? Americans have been judged enough, and if Israel took US goading then i think that once more, America would accept the blame. Anyway, what military might? Especially against Arab nations. You have seen the might of the Coalition forces rumble into an Arab country. Yes they have taken it over, but to gain what? troops dying everyday in stupid wars against militia soldiers? It will take a lot more to crush a religion. But anyway, where does it say in the Old Testament that we should fight?

    Exercise restraint. I think the main problem is location of Israel. In Middle Eastern area. A lot of the world believes that any action occuring in that region is an act of Terrorism. Maybe Bush is being smarter than we think. If he allows military action against the muslims, it would seem that he is encouraging terrorism. BUT if American troops were there it would be different. Want i think a lot of people forget is that war costs a lot of money and resources and when they complain that Bush is not fighting terrorism, well hey, these things DO take time and money.

    Muslims could say the same thing. a lot of them passively worship but there are a few exceptions. The extremeists. I doubt Israel will have a change of heart unless something drastic is done to them which i doubt is on any nations agenda. Especially not when Bush is trying to make a point. Why will Anglo Israelites suffer the same fate? Why are your allies deceitful? Im sure i have mentioned in another one of you posts what deceitful allies are. Maybe you should take the time to read it.
  6. Feb 3, 2004 #5

    GOD in His superior culture and higher civilization is the true SUPERPOWER behind Israel and has granted them miraculous victories time and again, to fulfill His grand design and overall purpose. The United States (the biblical tribe of Manasseh son of JOSEPH/www.britam.org) should support our Jewish brethren, and we do in some ways but only to an extent. I was living in Northern Israel at Kibbutz Dan (pert near in between Syria and Lebanon with the snow-covered Mt. Hermon next to us) when Operation Desert Storm blew in. I was strongly opposed to Israel bowing to American pressure to lay low and become an American protectorate, rather than settling the problem once and for all if Sodom Hussein attacked. Israel surrendered their self-defense for the FIRST time and set a terrible precedent for themselves. If Israel had told America you don't need your shaky coalition of fickly allies, all you need is God and us and our British-Israelite brothers, there would have been no need for round two against belligerent Iraq! Thankfully, prophecy reveals a time when Joseph (Anglo-Saxons) and Jews will drive the Arab enemies into the sea or relocate them. So be it!

    Because both our Anglo-Israelite (American and British commonwealth) and Jewish brethren are held to higher standards than the rest of the world, since we know better, having been educated by the Bible, and have rejected it - so God will reject us and permit the fascist EU to DEFEAT, DESTROY and DEPORT us! Every prophecy reveals our peoples in NATIONAL CAPTIVITY at the coming of Christ as our NATIONAL DELIVERER (not just spiritual Savior)! Read all about it in your Bible and Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall.
  7. Feb 4, 2004 #6
    God doesn't exist here, chum...get used to it.
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