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Pin-screen Matrix feedback

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    This is kind of a hobbyist project or something along those lines.
    I am trying to build a pin-screen
    Similar to that, or with whatever conifguration of pins. But I want it to provide electrical feedback so that I can map out where each pin is on a Z-position (their X-Y coordinates are fixed).

    I wanted to know if there is a product like this already in the market and if anyone knows if it has a name?

    or, how would you build this?
    I was thinking of having a board and a wire on each pin and just measure the resistance between the wire and the board (the more submerged the pin, the less resistance). But I'm not sure if this would be the most efficient method. I dont hink I'm the first person to think this up so Im wondering if someone already figured out a way to do this?

    My goal:

    For example. It could be used as a 3D Scanner for physical objects (A very crappy one i know)
    or a drawer for fine-art or something.
    or just a brain teaser to kill time while building it =,=

    what do you guys think? how would this be a viable project?
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    Ok, I think I polished my question. I'll make it simple and quick.
    Can someone tell me what type of sensor I can use to measure distance traveled by a pin?

    Look at the drawing, I hope its clear.

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    I guess it depends on how much resolution you want on each pin. An effective approach would be an XY matrix with laser LEDs and phototransistors. Adding several layers of these would gain resolution but if you want even 8 bit resolution this approach is already not feasible. Interesting project BTW. Keep us posted.
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