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Pinch Technology question

  1. May 11, 2009 #1
    Im just looking through a past exam paper and Im having trouble understanding the method to solve this problem>

    Q. In a process there are 4 fluid streams with properties shown

    STREAM 1 - Type = Hot, Thermal Capacity = 0.2kW/K, Initial Temp = 350, Final Temp = 50
    STREAM 2 - Hot, 0.4, 250, 50
    STREAM 3 - Cold, 0.1, 20, 200
    STREAM 4 - Cold, 0.3, 100, 300

    Calculate the rate of external heating and cooling required if a heat recovery system is used with minimum allowable temperature between streams being 25K

    Calculate the Pinch temperatures of the hot and cold streams.

    How do I go about this? Id be very grateful if someone could run through the stages of this question. Thanks
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