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Pineal Gland help

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    I know that the Pineal Gland is near the center of the Brain going to the back.

    Now on the inner side of eatch Temporal Lobe is the Hippocampus.

    And I know both Hippocampi go to the back of the Brain and then come together and move up to form the Body Of Fornux.

    Then the Body Of Fornux moves over the top and hanges down the front.

    Now I know in the middel of the two Hippocampi is the Thalamus and the Body of Fornux goes up the back of the Thalamus and hanges over the top of the Thalamus.

    But am I right he Pineal Gland is outside of the Body Of Fornux?
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    Am I right that the Pineal Gland is Outside the Body Of Fornux?
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