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Homework Help: Ping pong projectile launcher

  1. Jul 29, 2015 #1
    • OP has been warned about posting schoolwork/homework without using the HH Template and showing some effort.
    1. The shape of the ping pong launcher I think is 'catapult' but I don't know the suitable size and the materials need to use. The ping pong ball need to be launch to a distance of 4m and 10m respectively.

    What are the size and materials used is most suitable to launch the ping pong ball this far ?
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    What does your "respectively" mean here? Are you building two different lauchers? I would certainly start with a pipe just large enough to fit a ping pong ball into. Then you have to decide how you are going to propel the balls. For example are you going to use gun powder or other explosive propellant? (Might be difficult to get a teacher's permission for that!) Are you going to use compressed gas, like air?
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    Sorry, my English is poor haha. Teacher suggests using the wood to make the catapult. 'Respectively' I mean is need to launch the ping pong ball twice. First distance is 4m and second distance is 10m. I think I am not going to use the gun powder and explosive propellant.
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    "Catapult" encompasses several designs.
    A ballista is like a large crossbow, the energy being stored in the bending of a beam or twisting of ropes/sinews.
    A trebuchet throws the missile from the end of a rotating arm, usually powered by a heavy weight on the other end.
    Wikipedia might help you choose.
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    Thread is obviously locked. OP has been warned to re-post and show some actual work and effort on his/her schoolwork.
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