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Pinion gear quary

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    The pinion gear is run by motor and is made of "FD-0205-50 per MPIF 35" material.
    what could be the reason for pinion breakage.
    How to overcome that problem and what are the parameters you need to consider.
    Is it possible for investment casting gear.
    what could be the possible tolerance stack up.

    it's 14 teeth,DP=24, pressure angle=20 degree,AGMA quality Q7.
    Root diameter=0.4743-0.4773
    STD pitch dia=0.5833
    Whole depth,minimum=0.0938.

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    I'm afraid that I don't know what most of those abbreviations mean. The first culprits that I look for when a gear goes bad are unexpected impact loads, improperly set lash, misalignment with the mating gear, or simply a bad component (factory defect).

    edit: Hmmm... forgot one: foreign objects.
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    Are you serious? Are you mad? Just because you spout the gear data, you actually think anyone can glean an ounce of information as to how they are used? What the laoding is? What the service type is? How in the heck can we tell you what your tolerance stack ups are?

    The obvious reason for pinion breakage is that you haven't a clue as to what you are doing.

    If this is a problem posed to you in your job function, you are in a lot of trouble. I suggest you pick up any basic design of machine elements book and start reading.
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    The pinion broke because you're doing something wrong with it. How on earth we're supposed to figure out what, given the inadequate and largely superfluous information you've supplied is, as a professional engineer, beyond me.
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    http://www.emerson-ept.com/EPTRoot/Public/prod/main.asp [Broken]

    Check out what is readily available. Check out the components section.
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    Thanks for that link, Ronnin. I've bookmarked it; looks right handy.
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    Your very welcome. I sell all of this neat stuff but never get to play with it.
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