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Pinout for microcontroller

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    Hi all,

    Trying to fix a car radio (Grundig beta 5) for a local lad who wants it for his car. When you press the soft power button, some jumbled segments appear on the display, then it shuts down.

    I'm wondering if the microcontroller is not getting a reset signal. It's labelled OE57S. How do I find the reset pin to check this?

    Also, any other troubleshooting tips would be very helpful!

    Many thanks
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    Google ' MC68HC11KA4-SMART- GRUNDIG- OE57S '
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    I have done so - lots of pages in Polish, for some reason - but no pinout.
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    Try looking for data on the basic module : MC68HC11 .
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    Thanks - that revealed some pinouts, but not the right one.

    Written on the chip is:
    [Motorola symbol]
    VW BETA 5

    It's a 68-pin package.
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    Thanks to you both, I found the reset pin (58) and, with a bit of fiddling, caught a 5V-0V-5V 'blip' on my CRO as I pressed the power button.

    Seems like the controller is being reset at power on.

    Where would you go from here?
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    Further to this, I'm no longer sure the reset is working. In the above schematic, transistor CT2061's base and emitter start low, then pulse high on pressing the power button, indicating a healthy reset input signal. However, the collector does not - it starts high, maybe 'blips' slightly on power-on, but never fully drops low. I've replaced it to no avail. Why might this be happening?
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    Because CIC2051 is a voltage regulator with +5V output on pin 8. Both it and CT2061 appear to be operating normally.

    On the schematic, signal "+G" is shown as having 5V on it, presumably this is during normal operation or there would be a note or waveform shown.
    Since "+G" is only a pulse and it is controlled by by signal "+S", find out why "+S" is a pulse and not a level.

    The "-RESET" signal is generated on CIC2051 pin 7. It is the inversion of CIC2051 input pin2.

    Edit Since CIC2051 regulator has overcurrent protection built into it, there could be a heavy load causing it to shut down. Prime suspects for a heavy load are the filter capacitors on the "+G" line. Visually inspect the electrolytic capacitors for leakage (white residue near the leads) or a deformed case (bulging top on upright capacitors.)end Edit
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    CT2061 is for switching a 5V rail (+G) on and off. If you are seeing a glitch on the collector then everything goes dead that seems to indicate a short on the switched rail.

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