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Pins and Boss on governor

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    I m designing a hartnell governor as a mini machine elements design project( dont as why)
    While designing the pin joints for the levers at the point of pivot ( fulcrum point as shown in fig),I came across something known as 'boss'.
    Is it the enlarged portion of the lever itself that comes in contact with the pin or something like a bush/bearing that comes in between the pin and the lever?

    The lever arm will have a fork-ed end at the end where lever is attached to the roller on sleeve.
    Should the fulcrum arm( attached to the body/casing ) be also forked at the fulcrum pin or should fulcrum arm at one end and lever arm at other end of fulcrum pin as shown in figure ??

    PS: I know I havent really named pins in the diagram, but guess u guys can Easily understand it

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    In my experience, "boss" refers to a thickening of material around an attachment point. This is most evident in cast pieces wherein there is a bit of a "tower" where bolts are to be inserted.
    I'm having a wee bit of trouble following your second question, but I''ll try to catch up on it later.
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