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Pipe flow rate

  1. Jul 5, 2010 #1
    im trying top find the flow rate of water from a closed pipe.
    one thing that i think i can work with is a hose.
    there is a hose branching of the main flow pipe, which can be used to clean floor etc.

    im thinking that i can not open the hose and thus measure the stagnatiob pressure at the main pipe.
    i need help to find a flow rate from this.
    any ideas????
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    If the pipe is closed there will be no flow.

    Your problem description isn't clear, can you provide a more coherent explanation or better yet, a schematic/sketch?

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    totally agree with stewarcts. when the pipe is closed, that mean no flow, no acceleration but u has a volume.
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    Yeah sorry guys. By closed pipe i meant, the pipe is connected from the water mains to the tank, and i dont have an access to the outlet where i can measure the flow.

    But the its algud now, im in talks to put a flow meter on the pipe. so the problems solved, bt thanks anyways.
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