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Pipe flow, valve question

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    Hi guys,

    Right, here is the situation. Consider a long coil of pipe containing water with a thermostatic valve at the outlet and a valve (this is the valve in question) at the inlet. The inlet is gravity fed by a large reservoir of water and the question is this: as the water leaves the tubing through the outlet, i need the water from the reservoir to gradually fill the tubing automatically but i need to include a time lag between the water leaving and the water entering.
    Is there a valve or system which i can use which will be able to separate out the two streams of water (leaving and the water coming in) so that they don't mix?

    Any ideas, suggestions welcome!

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    The best way is to pick up your phone give a call to valve reseller or any manufactrure and discuss in detail. This is the best way. that is the way how things gets designed
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