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Pipe Freezing Calculations

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    Please help. I am Trying to calculate the time taken to freeze a 16" carbon steel pipe that is full of water with no flow. The water is at 20 oC and am using Liquid nitrogen feed into an insulated pipe freezing jacket surrounding the pipe to freeze it.

    If anyone can help with the calculations then your help would be much appreciated.

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    I meant to add that I also need to calculate the volume of liquid nitrogen required to freeze the pipe, then the volume to maintain the freeze for a period of time.

    thank you all in advance for your help
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    How long is your 16" pipe?
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    The pipe is very long but the section being frozen is within the pipe freezing jacket. The pipe jacket has an internal length of 0.5m where the liquid nitrogen will be in contact with the pipe. The pipe jacket when full will hold 68 Litres of LN2.
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