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Pipe Question?

  1. May 9, 2010 #1
    Thought the Mechanical Engineering minds might be able to provide some good input on my situation. :smile:

    I have a job where some pipes need to be moved and some added to an existing system. The pipe installed appears to be galvanized, threaded, 1.25", and is stamped ASTM A-53-A.

    I did not install this system and want to make sure that any additions I make to it are correct regardless of the original system that I will not touch.

    The system is regularly pressurized (10+ times a day for 3 minutes each time) to 800 psi and has had no problems for over a year at any pipe or threaded joint.

    Was the original pipe installed the right material & design? It IS functioning without problem.

    Can the size of the pipe be increased to 1.5"-2" under the same ASTM and pressures safely?

    Just a reminder-Current system is 1.25" ASTM A-53-A pressurized to 800 psi x 3 minutes x 10 times daily. Zero problems in over 1 year.

    Thanks for any reply.

    ThePlumber. :)
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