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Piping Max Working Pressure

  1. Apr 7, 2009 #1
    What is the maximum working pressure of 3" diameter schedule 80S piping at an operating temperature of 100 deg celcius.
    According to my piping tables it is 262 Barg, ,but i want to know if this pressure can be exceeded and still comply with ASME B31.3
    Also what is the safety factor in the design.
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    What material?
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    Hi alandone. In order to determine design pressure for a pipe, you have to identify the material (including ASTM spec and grade), figure out the wall tolerance (usually 12%) and a few other things, then go to one of the 3 equations given in ASME B31.3, para. 304.1.2. Note that if you thread the pipe or cut holes/weld on it, that changes the pressure rating (reduces it). So the values given in para 304.1.2 are only for straight pipe, butt welded or socket weld.

    Regarding safety factor, it's generally 1.5 to yield and 3.5 to ultimate.
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