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Pirates of the Potomac: Animation

  1. Oct 17, 2003 #1
    Subject: The Pirates of the Potomac

    A little light humor can go a long way, especially
    in dark times. At least, we think so. That's why we
    asked Mark Fiore to create an exclusive cartoon
    to complement The Ungreening of America, our
    special report on how the Bush administration is
    quietly waging a campaign to turn back three
    decades of environmental laws. Like all of Mark's
    work, Pirates of the Potomac is both funny and
    pointed. So, take a moment to laugh. The situation
    is far from funny. As far as the nation's environment
    is concerned, these certainly are dark times.

    http://www.motherjones.com/news/featurex/2003/37/we_539_01.html [Broken]
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