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Piss poor final

  1. Dec 17, 2005 #1
    I had two finals today, Geography and Mechanics of Materials. I knew before hand that I had a 90% in geography, which means I need nothing less than a 90% to keep my grade. I studied for that more than my materials class. I knew......ehhhhhhhhh......more or less 70% of it. The remaining 20% fairly sure, last 10% pure guess work. Long story short I think I'm going to get an F'in B in that class now.....which sucks considering I had a 90%........uhhhhhhhhhhhh.........................anyways onto mech. I knew that I did not have to take the final for that class, because I was exempt for my high grade in the course, perfect score on all the homework, perfect design project, and two perfect tests. But I decided to take the final for fun, and I bombed. That really ruined my mood most of all. I rushed and made some stupid mistakes. The worst of all was that on my formula sheet I somehow left off the moment of inertia for a circle, and so I couldn’t use it to find the stresses on my 3-d problem. So I turned in my answers all with the letter I in it. I asked another professor who was proctoring the exam to give me the formula, and the tightass didn't. If I had asked my regular teacher he would have given it to me. I realize he’s not obligated to, but I mean GIMME A BREAK MAN, it would have been on my damn formula sheet anyways! For Petes sakes! He’s going out of his way to be an ass. If I had that formula, and I wasn’t so bloody tired when I took the exam I know I could have (somewhat) easily aced it. Now ill just wait for your posts on how it was my own stupid fault for not having the formula written down. All my friends keep telling me you got the A, what does it matter, you didn’t even have to take the test, but its the principle. Thats enough venting for now....Ill go back to punching my fist into brick walls.
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    You know, it's your fault for not putting that formula on your sheet and you've got an A anyway so what does it matter.
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    just kidding, what an a-hole that teacher was. all you needed was a damn formula and you would have aced that test. I'd slash his tires.
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    Hes such a stuck up prude. Praise the lord he wasn't my teacher for the class or i'd go bananas.
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    bananaser. you were already a little bananas
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    I talked to my teacher and told him I was so tired, and I had that missing formula. He said I could retake the final tommorow! IM SO HAPPY NOW! I did so bad on it cuz I was soooo tired, running on only 4 hours of sleep the night before. The test still wont factor in, but at least I can do well because I know im good! AHHHH IM SO HAPPY NOW! Oh wait, that still wont keep my A in geography, NOW IM MAD!!!!!!:grumpy: :biggrin:
    I wanna get a 100% on that exam and give the finger to that other teacher who wouldnt tell me the formula! I seriously HATE final exams, how can you study for 4-5 classes all so tightly spaced and be expected to know all that without being dog tired? I always try to get 95 and up on my tests in the semester, and afford a C on the final to keep an A. If I had to get A's on my finals to keep my A in the class, id never manage an A :cry:
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    WTF is wrong with you?

    Honestly jeez

    You were guaranteed an A in the class and are upset about some teacher not giving you a formula for a final which you didn't have to take? What the hell do you have against that teacher? So what if he didn't give you a formula..... YOu think you did bad just because you were tired? Give me a break.

  9. Dec 19, 2005 #8
    Redemption, I retook the exam today. I think I did MUCH better. All is well in the world again. There was no way in hell I would let myself do so poorly, even if It dident count for anything, on an exam like that. I can't wait to see what I get. Its probably not 100%, but it sure as hell ant as bad as the first one.
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