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Piston and cylinder

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    i got a small doubt.. can any1 plz xplain me. if we apply a certain force"F" on cylinder of area of cross section A=pi*d^2/4(thatis,the diameter of cyllinder is d),then how much distance will the piston head move ??:bow:

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    It depends on what's inside the cylinder.
    - If we've packed the cylinder of concrete and allowed it to harden, the piston won't move at all, no matter how much force we apply.
    - If the cylinder has no leaks and is full of an incompressible liquid, the piston won't move but the cylinder will burst if we apply enough force.
    - If there's nothing in the cylinder at all, just vacuum, any force at all will cause the piston will move all the way to end of the cylinder
    - If there is some compressible gas in the cylinder....

    If you could clarify your question you'll get better answers.
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