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Homework Help: Piston cylinder trying to find how much heat is needed to reach saturated vapour stat

  1. Aug 29, 2012 #1
    Hi guys,

    Little stuck on the following thermodynamics question;

    A piston-cylinder contains 1kg of water at 100kPa in a 2-phase mixture (liquid and vapour). Heat is transferred to the water by a resisance heater The piston is free to move and the cylinder is insultated. The water is heated until it is in a superheater state. The motion of the piston holds he pressure constant throughout the process.

    A) write the first law of thermo applied (I have done this)
    b) What is the initial temp (I have worked this out to be 99.6 degrees C using steam tables)
    c) If the initial volume of the cylinder is 0.1m^3, how much heat must be transferred to the system to reach saturated vappour state? (STUCK HERE I tried to use Q = mcdeltat) :(
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